what you need to imporove your business

As business grows it becomes difficult for the manage to require decision in favor of the business. There should be some guidelines which may help the manager to require decisions during a better way.
Principles of management are such guidelines which help managers to run the organization and take decisions during a better way. These guidelines help the manager in understanding a specific situation and solving it with slightest of problems.
Features of principles of management
1. General guidelines:
Principles of management are just guidelines which tells the manager what to try to to during a given situation but these guidelines not always work and these aren't readymade solution to the matter .

 E.g. if the rule says to prevent turnover rate , increase the salary of employees but when the important problem are often with the working environment of the workers .

2. Flexible:
They are flexible in nature meaning they will be changed consistent with the present situation faced by the manager.

E.g. principle of Authority and responsibility says Responsibility and authority to a sub-ordinate should be divided equally. But it depends upon the corporate , consistent with situation company will delegate authority and responsibility.

3. Cause and effective relationship:
Management of principles have cause and effective relationship. there's a cause and this cause also has an impact .
E.g. principle of unity of command says there should be just one boss who will give orders to the sub-ordinate and this manner sub-ordinate can perform better. So unity of command is that the cause and perform better is that the effect of this cause.

4. Formed by experience and experiments:
The principles of management weren't developed over night. These are developed out of experience and experiments by managers in a corporation .
 E.g. to extend the speed of production tests were conducted to seek out out the simplest thanks to increase production with minimum wastage.

5. Universally applicable:
The principles of management are universally applicable meaning they will be applied in any sort of organization whether small, medium or large organization. they're utilized in every country and each organization. they will be utilized in managing Clubs, Schools, Colleges Hospitals etc.

Importance of principles of management: 
1. Optimum utilization of resources:
The best use of resources is extremely important in a corporation . The principles of management help managers to use the resources within the optimum way by taking correct decision and action.

2. Helps in meeting changing environment:
Business works in an environment which is changing very rapidly. If business wants to survive within the changing environment it's to stay changing itself.

 Management principles provide guidelines to form changes within the business. These guidelines are often changed consistent with things .

3. development of the society:
Management principles not only help in achieving organization goals but also guide managers to figure for the society by providing quality goods at reasonable price, effectively using the resources, creating employment and more.

4. Better decisions:
A manager should take decision which should be logically true instead of blind faith. Management principles helps manager to require better decisions at right time.

5. Better understanding of the situation:
Principles of management provides managers with better knowledge and understandings of the varied situation. which may help the manager to require decisions quickly with none mistake.

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