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埃森哲北美業務CEO朱莉?斯威特認為,實現持續創新最大的難點就是愿意改變領導方式。她說:“這對領導者來說往往是最困難的事情?!辈贿^,盡管 “團隊中一些人無法伴隨其走完創新旅程?!钡鼡Q忠心耿耿的團隊成員仍可能令人痛苦。斯威特同時指出,建立一個性別、年齡和種族上都真正多元化的領導團隊將有助于帶來新的思路。如果企業拒絕這樣的徹底變革,就不會真正實現創新,“那么留給你的就是空想?!?/p>


Nest首席技術官松岡容子指出,雖然所有公司都需要創新,但為了顛覆而顛覆不會起作用。以松岡和同事們共同建立的Google X,也就是谷歌超級神秘的創新實驗室為例。這個團隊創造了“教科書式的變革”技術,但“他們賺不到錢”。她問聽眾:“這是大多數公司所追求的嗎?”(許多人都搖了搖頭)?!盀樽约旱腉oogle X許愿時要小心,因為你得到的也許并不是你想要的?!?/p>




“Innovation” is one of the business world’s most beloved buzzwords—but how often do we stop and ask ourselves what the term really means?

Speaking at Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Summit in Washington, D.C. on Monday, Julie Larson-Green, chief experience officer at Microsoft, offered a definition that’s been helpful for employees of the tech giant: “Idea plus impact.”

No matter how disruptive and exciting, she says, an idea is just a flight of fancy—unless it can create a meaningful impact in the world. Of course, the trick of the thing is usually turning those new, bleeding-edge concepts into a reality. Larson-Green and her fellow Summit panelists offered the crowd a series of real world tips for doing just that.

Change the mindset

It’s human nature to be afraid of change—but fear kills innovation, says Jane Fraser, CEO of Latin America at Citigroup: “Get fear out of the equation.” Rather than putting employees on the defensive, where they feel they need to protect and justify their jobs, try to rally them around the ways innovation can help their clients, she suggests. Citibank has also increasingly focused on encouraging workers’ curiosity and prompting them to ask questions, says Fraser.

Disrupt your leadership

Julie Sweet, CEO of North America for Accenture, says that one of the most difficult parts of achieving continuous innovation is being willing to change leadership. “That is often the hardest thing for leaders to hear,” says Sweet. But while replacing loyal team members can be painful, “some of them can’t make the journey.” Creating a leadership team that’s truly diverse—gender, age, ethnicity—helps drive fresh thinking, she adds. When companies resist such sweeping change, you don’t get true innovation, says Sweet: “Then you get projects.”

Consider your business goals

While every company needs innovation, disruption for disruption’s sake does not work, says Nest CTO Yoky Matsuoka. Take Google’s super secret innovation lab, Google X, which Matsuoka co-founded. The group creates “paradigm shifting” technology, she says, but “they’re not making money.” “Is that what most companies are looking for?” she asked the audience (many heads shook no). “Be careful asking for a Google X because what you get might not be what you’re looking for.”


The hype around change is that it’s unpredictable and rushing at us at a furious paces, says Matuoka. But in reality, “innovation happens really, really slowly—it’s not as scary as we think.” She speculated that, as a group, the panel attendees would likely be able to identify about 90% of the forces that will transform business over the next few years. Rather than chase trends—or your competitors—Matuoka suggests all companies ask themselves one question: “Given we all understand those things are coming, which one should we focus on?”






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